Autoadapt Chair Topper

Autoadapt Chair topper - Rooftop box stowage systems

  • Summary
  • Hand Control Operated
  • Complete operation takes roughly 30 Seconds
  • Available in Driver or Passenger side models
  • Fully enclosed and weather resistant
  • Integrated manual backup system

With the Chair Topper from Autoadapt, You can stow and retrieve your wheelchair in about 30-seconds. It is able to store a foldable wheelchair in its weather tight compartment and with a wheelchair in place the weight does not exceed 75kg’s. It can be mounted onto most vehicles so give us a call on 01752 546 222 and we will inform you if it can be used on your vehicle.

Autoadapt Chair Topper

The box is operated using a hand control and has a manual backup for emergencies and is available on either the passenger or drivers side.

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