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Brig-Ayd Evotech boot hoist

Brig-Ayd Evotech programmable boot hoists - 80kg - 150kg

Brig-Ayd Evotech hoist

Brig-Ayd Evotech hoist

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The evotech boot hoists from Brig-Ayd has a feature which enables you to programme the lifting and lowering sequence, To do this, All you have to do is load the scooter into the car and the hoist will remember where the hoist was positioned and automatically load the scooter or powerchair in the same way, this can also be reset whenever required. It is available in either an 80kg, 100kg, 120kg and 150kg dependant on the weight of the product it’s lifting.

Brig-Ayd Ecotech boot hoist

The Evotech hoist from Brig-Ayd is programmable and available in 80kg, 100kg, 120kg and 150kg lifting capacities. It is a 4-way hoist which means it lifts Up, Down, In and Out – so very little manual handling is required.


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