Curved Stairlift

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A Curved stairlift is enables you to stay independent in your own home, allowing you to get up and down your stairs with ease. The curved option is designed to glide around corners and can be tailored to suit your staircase and your needs. Plymouth Mobility Centre can make the process easy by providing free no obligation quotes and assessments carried out by our fully trained engineers. We can also install or request one of our reccomended engineers to fit and maintain your stairlift and can also provide servicing at a very competitive price. 

During an assessment, We would take a look at your staircase and your needs and look to provide a quote based on:

  • How many curves are required, and what angles
  • Is there anywhere that the stairlift can ‘park’
  • Any obstructions that would require a hinged rail
  • Is there enough ceiling height and leg room for the user

There are some features available as standard such as fold-away arms and seat, wireless remotes and safety cut-out sensors. 

Our afterservice is recognised throughout Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall and offer a serviced tailored to you and your needs. Our stairlifts come with a 12 months parts and labour warranty and can be serviced and maintained by us even after the warranty has expired at a very competitive price

Brooks Curved Stairlift

Straight Stairlift

Straight stairlift Seat

Straight stairlift Seatbrooks straight stairlift

A straight stairlift is a cost effective way of securing and maintaining more independence in your home. The straight stairlifts are less invasive, quick to install and are usually a very quick turnaround once a decision is made to install. We can usually offer a next day assessment in some circumstances to ensure you are able to get an independent home at quickly as possible.

Free home assessment

Straight Stairlift Plymouth

Plymouth Mobility Centre offers a wide range of stairlift services including Installation, Maintenance, Servicing, Repairs, Hire and Removal and can provide you with a free, no obligation assessment and quotation by one of our fully trained and qualified engineers.

There are a number of options that we would take into account such as:

  • Whether a Straight or Curved rail and stairlift is required
  • Should a Sit, Stand or Perch seat be installed
  • Does the user require a Powered or manual swivel seat
  • Is there any obstructions that would require a Hinged or Sliding track


We would take measurements of your staircase and ensure that what is required would be suitable for you. The stairlift has some options as standard such as folding arms and footrest, safety cut-out sensors and wireless remote controls

Our after service is recognised throughout Cornwall, Plymouth and Devon and we tailor a service to each and every one of our customers needs. We provide a 12 months parts and labour warranty with our stairlifts and can continue to maintain and repair stairlifts even after warranty at a competitive price.

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If you would like to book in a free, no obligation assessment and quotation, give us a call on 01752 546222 or by using our contact form here

Brooks Swivel Seat


Used Stairlift

Used Stairlift Sales, Service, Repair and Removal

We understand that sometime’s due to financial reasons, Temporary requirements or just personal preference, Buying a second hand reconditioned stairlift can make sense. We keep a wide range of refurbished stairlifts in stock and in some cases can install within 24 hours of your assessment. Stairlift pricing is dependant on what options you require but we do not provide the following in a used, reconditioned stairlift installation:

  • Curved Rails
  • Stand or Perch seat
  • Powered Swivel seat
  • Powered or Manual Hinge

Stairlifts are the ideal option for helping disabled or elderly people get around their home. We at Plymouth Mobility Centre know that it’s important for you to maintain your independence so we offer a 12 months warranty even with our refurbished stairlifts so you can buy with confidence.

We offer free assessments and no obligation quotations. We can Service, Repair, and Maintain any stairlift even if it was not purchased via PMC and we can even buy your straight stairlift dependent on condition.