Carospeed Menox

Autoadapt Carospeed Menox Hand Controls

  • Summary

The Carospeed Menox is an ergonomical hand control for the accelerator and brake. Simple to use by Pulling for the accelerator and pushing for the brake, this vehicle adaptation allows users with limited use of their legs to be able to drive independantly. It has a built in hill holder which holds the brake pedal down for when you’re stationary and there is an option of having a multi-function grip in which you can operate the headlights, indicators, wipers / washers and horn from one central place. 

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Elap / Autoadapt Turny – Low Vehicle

Elap / Autoadapt Turny - Designed for lower cars

  • Summary

The Turny Low Vehicle utilises unused space in the vehicle and allows the product to fit in a wider range of vehicles allowing you to choose a car based on your desired and not your needs.

It boasts features such as increased head space, increased leg space and increased seating comfort 

We offer free assessments for these seats and can supply, fit and maintain them in house. If you require anymore information please give us a call on 01752 546 222

Elap / Autoadapt Turny Evo

Elap / Autoadapt Turny Evo Rotating swivel car seat

  • Summary

The Turny Evo makes it easy getting int and out of the car for both passenger and driver. the ability to individually tailor the movement path of the evo makes it possible to keep the users leg space constantly optimised. 

Optional Extra’s include Armrests, Lumbar Support and Memory foam + More

We offer free assessments for these seats and can supply, fit and test all seats in house. 

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Elap / Autoadapt Turny Orbit rotating seat

Elap / Autoadapt Turny Orbit rotating car seat

  • Summary

The Orbit makes it easy getting into and out of the car by bringing the entire seat out of the vehicle and lowering to the desired position. the orbit has electronically operated lowering, lifting and swivelling and the seat is operated via hand held control to allow all users easy accessibility. 

All seats should have a demonstration / assessment which we can provide here at PMC. Please give us a call on 01752 546 222 to arrange a free assessment. 

Pedal Extensions

Pedal Extensions - 2 / 3 pedal

  • Summary

The pedal extension allows the pedals to be bought forward closer to the driving seat to more to allow the driver to drive more comfortably if they have trouble reaching the standard pedals.