Primacare Rise 7 Recline Lateral (Made to Measure)

Adjustable Chairs

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 Motor Lifts    Trio, Single, Dual    
Tilt In Space MechanismYes
Drop In CushionNo
Removable arm for side transferYes
Fabric OptionsWide range of fabrics, patterns, colours
Estimated delivery time14 to 28 days
AccessoriesLumbar & Neck pillows, foot stool, scatter cushions
 Wall Hugger         A single motor mechanism that lifts and reclines. This mechanism only requires 4-5 ” of clearance behind the chair to recline.              
Dual MotorThis is a mechanism that operates using 2 motors. One motor operates the footrest of the chair and the other motor operates the back. This means that the footrest and back are operated independently enabling foot up and back up positioning if required. 
3 Way single motorA single motor chair that operates the back and legrest together. This mechanism requires 12″ – 15″ behind the chair to recline. 
2 Way Tilt – In- SpaceThe 2 way mechanism ensures a smooth movement going into recline and life. The angle of the back and seat during these movements remain constant, hence the chair is ideal if you have a back problem and do not wish fo the position of your back to change. 
Dual Motor – Tilt -In-SpaceThis is mechanism that operatues using 2 motors. One motor operates the footrest of the chair and the other motor operates the back. The back-rest angle known as tilt-in-space provides continuous support for the lower back while reclining. 
Removable ArmThis option is to enable your client to transfer from a wheelchair into a rise & recline chair with minimal difficulty. The arm is removed before transfer and then replaced once the transfer has been completed. 
Pressure SeatingVasco foam and Gel pads optional for additional comfort and pressure relief
WarrantyElectrics 2 years, Frame and fabric 1 year

All Primacare products are available in any fabric and any size and with all the different action types as well. All chairs in all styles can be made with actions for different weight capacities from 20 to 70 stone.

Chairs over 25 stone weight capacity are often referred to as bariatric chairs. All styles and accessories are available.

Sofas and stools can also be made to match any chairs. Any action can be placed in one or both sides of a sofa. Sofas are available in any size and any fabric as are all of our chairs.