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Qimova comfort chair

Qimova Comfort Chair

  • Summary
  • Tailor made to meet the exact requirements of each individual user.
  • Pressure relief cushions to absorb pressure on coccyx, prevents pelvis sliding forward and reduces risk of pressure ulcers.
  • Posterior and anterior tilt-in-space for varied seating postures and easy transfers
  • Backrest can be fully reclined or inclined
  • Manually operated leg elevation with automatic articulation to compensate leg length

The Qimova Comfort Chair – Adult

The Qimova Comfort chair features high levels of tilt, recline and leg elevation. This makes it easier for care givers to shift the users position, Ensuring that the frequent re-positioning of the body required by long seating hours can be easily achieved. The chair is also operable by the user themselves using the wireless remote to activate the optional electronic positioning system built into the chair.


Designed for you

The Qimova Comfort chair is available in a variety of seat sizes with versatile cushioning, the seating system can be designed to fit the exact measurements of the user. You can also choose your own wheel size, whether it’s comes with a powered base or manual base (or both!) whether it’s front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, whether it’s positioning system is powered or manual – the possibilities are endless.

Each of the positioning pieces can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user, not every individual case is the same, so why should the chairs be? The Qimova cushioning means that support is provided exactly where needed, positioning supports include anti-thrust, wedged, lumbar or side supports. What’s more, the seat cushioning has built-in ventilation and can be supplied with incontinence lining.

Versatile Positioning


The Qimova comfort chair has a positioning system that is in a league of its own, you can adjust seating from Max Recline – Allowing easier positioning for heavier users, Gentle Recline – for resting and redistributing weight, Standard – for full comfort and support, and Incline – to allow easy transfers in and out of the chair.

Accessories – for extra support and comfort

The Qimova comfort chair has a wide range of accessories available, which helps to create the right amount of functionality, comfort and support for the user. These include additional remotes and modules such as attendant remotes, sip ‘n’ puff, finger steering and switch inputs as well as thoracic supports, hip guides, headrests, pommels, pushing handles and trays.

Other variations

The Qimova comfort chair is available in other variations, see below for more details:

Qimova Junior Comfort Chair

Qimova Junior

Maximum comfort for young wheelchair users

All the features of the adult chair are available with the addition of:

  • 5 colour variations for the base
  • Seat width down to 32cm
  • Seat depth down to 38cm
  • extra short leg-rests and backrest


Qimova Paediatric comfort chair

Qimova Paediatric

Superior comfort for very small children

All the features of the adult chair are available with the addition of:

  • 5 Colour variations for the base
  • Seat depth down to 30cm
  • seat width down to 32cm
  • extra short leg-rests and backrest


Qimova Bariatric comfort chair

Qimova Bariatric

Maximum comfort for Extra Large wheelchair users

All of the features of the adult chair are available with the addition of

  • Up to 60cm seat width
  • Extremely durable high strength frame




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