Delta control panel cover

  • Summary

This panel cover is designed for scooters with the Delta style handlebar’s. It protects the electronics of the tiller and keeps your hands protected allowing you to stay in control. It’s made of waterptoof neoprene and has a large viewing area to allow you to see the controls. 

Hi Visibility Mobility Bag

Hi Visibility Bag with Crutch / walking stick holder - for Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

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The high visibility panel on this bag allows you to be seen and stay safe on your mobility product, designed for Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs it boasts a large zipped storage area and 2 walking stick / crutch holders.

Mini Mobility Bag

Mini Mobility Bag suitable for Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

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The Mini Mobility bag is a universal bag which is ideal for Mobility Scooters, Powerchairs, Electric Wheelchairs and Manual Wheelchairs but can also be fitted to Walkers, Rollators and Childrens Wheelchairs. It’s Strong and stylish and includes a front pocket which can be easily accessed from the side.

Mobility Oxygen Bag

Oxygen Bag to fit various mobility aids

  • Summary

The Oxygen Bag is a heavy duty bag woven from fabrics made out of nylon using a reinforcing technique that is designed to reduce the risk of tears. It will carry an oxygen canister on a Mobility Scooter, Powerchair, Electric Wheelchair or Manual Wheelchair. it also features a front pocket to hold an oxygen mask.

Mobility Scooter Control Panel Cover

  • Summary

This Mobility Scooter control panel cover is designed for scooters with the motorbike style handlebars. It’s specifically designed to peotect the electronics whilst allowing you to keep in control of the handlebars and brakes. it’s a universal fit so will fit most scooters. 

Mobility Scooter Shelter / Canopy – Small, Medium and Large

  • Summary

The Mobility Scooter shelter is a simple solution for users who want a secure place for their scooter. It’s simple to use by driving onto the metal base plate, pull the cover over and secure with the padlock. The shelter arrives flatpacked but if you purchase through Plymouth Mobility Centre we will assemble the shelter for you. It’s available in the following options

Small / Medium – Height: 134cm, Width: 85cm, Length: 164cm

Large / X-Large – Height: 141cm, Width: 100cm, Length: 230cm

Mobility Scooter Storage Covers – Small, Medium and Large

  • Summary

The Scooter Storage Covers come in a range of sizes dependant on your vehicle. It is a heavy duty, fully waterproof cover and is ideal for those who store their scooters outside. It’s shaped to incorporate scooters with headrests and front baskets and boasts an easy fix and secure fastening to reduce the requirement to bend over when covering your mobility scooter

Net Storage Bag

  • Summary

The net bag is a simple, lightweight mesh design made for carrying shopping and personal items. It clips on to any walking frame or any wheelchair that has push handles.